Eckert & Ziegler Industrial Sources

As the Official Distributor of Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products in Turkey, we provide solutions to the end-users with regard to industrial source supply with turn-key services. Eckert & Ziegler product range includes;

  • Radioactive sources which are used in the radiometric process control systems for level and density measurement;
    • Co-60
    • Cs-137
  • Radioactive sources which are used in the radiometric process control systems for thickness and weight measurement;
    • Kr-85
    • Pm-147
    • Sr-90
  • The radioactive sources which are used in the oil and natural gas logging applications;
    • Am241/Be
    • Cs-137
  • Other capsuled closed sources which are used for industrial, training, R&D, calibration, etc. purposes;
    • Ba-133,
    • Ni-63,
    • Am-241,
    • Eu-152,
    • Fe-55 vb.

You can contact with us or look in the below mentioned catalogue of Eckert & Ziegler Industrial Sources in order to get detailed information about the capsule geometry and activity for each radioisotope.

Californium – 252 (Cf-252) Radioactive Neutron Sources

We offer solutions - including the turn-key services - to the end users through supplying sealed Cf-252 neutron source which is used PGNAA systems such as on-line / on-belt analyzers which are used for element analysis especially in the cement plant.

The application areas in the Cf-252 supply;

  • Cement, coal, sinter material analysis – PGNAA systems
  • Oil and gas well logging
  • Explosive detection (PINS)
  • Nuclear Reactor Start-Up
  • Industrial and academic researches

You can contact with us with regard to capsule geometry and activities about your application. (Small OK Communication form and downloaded to the address)

Other Industrial Sources

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT), Radiography Sources (Ir-192, Co-60, Se-75 etc.)
  • Radioactive markers (Y-88 etc.)
  • Radioactive tracer (H-3 Tritium etc.)
  • Other sealed radioactive sources which are used for training, research and academic purposes (Ni-63, Am-241, Am241/Be, Fe-55, etc.)






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